I'm Joelyn Alexandra. I help creative individuals and organisations map, structure, and align ideas and strategies in their desired directions. I also write urban / thriller fiction across various mediums, for my fictional universe, The Library of Exchanges.


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Currently, I am working on a series of thrillers in various mediums (prose, comics, games, podcasts).

However, I have also worked in corporate, educational, creative non-fiction, and fiction publishing for the last decade. My focus has been on:

Content management and strategy
Idea facilitation and organisation
Organisational strategy
Process planning

...or anything that required the desired outcome of knowing where the organisation / individual was at present, and an organised map to get where they want to be.

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If you're a creative individual or organisation in need of someone to make sense of the uncertainty ahead, or just want to work with me (fictional or otherwise) - Click on the Contact button below or drop me a note at joelyn@joelynalexandra.com.


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Joelyn Alexandra is an author and strategist who charts certainties in uncertain waters. She started The Library of Exchanges, a fictional universe of urban / thriller stories questioning the limits of using humanity to buy efficiency. When not mapping worlds or lore, she dives into RPGs, Puzzles, Alignment, and Breakfast.

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