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Incredibly Short Bio

Serialized Urban / Thriller Storyteller
Instagram Portfolio: @joelynalexandra_works
Partner, The Rolling Ronins & Pulp Toast / Roti Bakar

Creative Organization | RPGs | Arcology | Puzzles | Breakfasts | Zumba | Sustainability Economics

Short Bio

Jo writes urban / thrillers in various mediums and believes that creativity and management can work together. She is a founding member of Pulp Toast / Roti Bakar and a partner of The Rolling Ronins. When not building worlds or organizing lore, she dives into RPGs, Arcology, Puzzles, Zumba, Sustainability Economics, and Breakfast. www.joelynalexandra.com | @joelynalexandra | @joelynalexandra_works

Long Bio

Joelyn Alexandra knew she wanted to tell stories after a childhood filled with Indiana Jones, Jules Verne, and the adventures in her head. She started writing urban speculative fiction with a tinge of thrill for anthologies and journals. A few accepted pieces here and there happened before she was introduced to the world of independent publishing, comics, and podcasts.

After her experiences with Comic Fiesta, Comic Art Festival, KL, and the Illustration Arts Festival, she continues to write urban thrillers, though she’s no longer restricted to a single medium. Her first foray into comics came to fruition with Unstable Foundations, done in partnership with artist Elvin Ching. Her first major arts management project came when she started Pulp Toast / Roti Bakar. She’s currently writing her first full-length novel series based in the JewelVerse, and is a partner of storytelling collaborative Rolling Ronins.

Creating and producing at the same time have aided in her belief that creativity and management can co-exist and this balance can help other creators thrive.   

Jo is currently based in Singapore (in the middle of Southeast Asia). If she’s not building worlds or organizing their lore, she's an alchemist, parapsychologist, rogue, cryptographer, zumba enthusiast, and breakfast fan. She is reading up on Arts Management, Arcology, and Sustainability Economics at the moment. You can find out more about her published work here. You can also download her list of contributions after this bio. 

So if you give her breakfast foods, she’ll love you. Not granola, oats, or whole nuts though, she doesn’t like those.

Joelyn’s Contributions (Download PDF)