Episode 001: The Baker's Sister Part 5

Part Five – Resolution

TNU S1E1P5.png

“Did Sunset make it?” I asked while the rest came out of the bakery.

      It was late afternoon by the time we exited, the sun on the verge of starting its setting. Jalil came running out with the Rocking Horse next, and a supernatural scream pierced our ears. Birdsong jumped out next, hands over their ears.

      Then no one.

      We waited for a second. Then the next.

      The door burst open.

      “That was one heavy dude,” Sunset emerged from the shadows.

      We exhaled in relief. Then laughed.

      With the Rocking Horse in hand, we looked over at each other, cast a glance at the bakery – still and unchanged, then to the setting sun, before we made our way down and back to the city.

Deep down, I was hoping that the baby wails that peppered my head as the darkness dissipated were a side effect of our first accomplished mission of such nature. While nothing changed from the outside, we all knew when the nightmare was truly gone.


“…so by the time we got there,” Avi explained to a silent, shaking Makinah, “There was no sign of your sister and her family.”

      Stepping up, Jalil handed Makinah the Rocking Horse.

      “This was all that was left,” he said, “I’m sorry.”

      Taking the toy, she held it close, holding back tears.

      “If there’s anything we can do…” I started, only to get kicked at the back of my ankle by Avi.

      Taking a deep breath, she looked up at us and shook her head.

      “No,” she said, “You all have done a great thing for me. I thank you.”

Then, Makinah left, clutching the anchor item. And while we knew she was going to take some time to mourn the loss of her family, I could see the weight lifted from her hunched shoulders.

“Well,” Avi said, “On to the next job?”

“Calm down,” Birdsong said, “You almost died.”

Before Avisha could respond with one of her signature comebacks, another silhouette overshadowed our table. This time, a traveler standing tall, well-dressed, scented with lavender, and with an expression that could allure the opposite party into doing their bidding.

Our group went quiet, and turned to look at this traveler.

“Hi,” she said, “The name’s Clo.”




Editor’s Note: We discovered that a sapphire and opal necklace that was already in our collection matches the description as mentioned in this journal entry. Upon further investigation, it is likely that the necklace mentioned in Nargis’s vision was found in the hypothesized Master Bedroom of the bakery’s shophouse, discovered during our Archaeological Investigation in 1820.


Author’s Note: The significance of the creatures and scenarios in the nightmare dungeons are explained more in-depth in The Nightmares Underneath by Johnstone Metzger. You can create your own scenarios and stories in this world by getting the hardcover here, or trying out the game first with the free version here.