The Storygaming Plannerd and My Plans for This New Site

So it’s been a while since I blogged, and with good reason. 2019 has been hectic to say the least – school, part-time, working with the Ronins, gaming, and most relevantly, setting up this website. And for all of you who have come from my previous website hosted by Weebly, I thank you for your support.

With this new platform, I hope to do a few things and share a whole lot more stories with all of you, so I thought I’d share some of my main goals with you.

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Before heading to the information I hope to provide you with, let’s take a look at the journey so far…

2018 was an eventful year, to say the least – heading to Japan twice, getting accepted to my Masters course, taking a break from my job, joining an RPG group, turning 30, and getting engaged. Most importantly, I found an avenue to further my creative career.

With 2019 halfway through, here’s a glimpse into my end goals for 2019. Ish.

2019 Big Goals

Given the many events from 2018, I’ve been, admittedly, spending the first half of 2019 fire-fighting. In a spot of perfectionism and want for a more streamlined life, 2019’s goals for myself centered this theme – systems.

Thus, it starts.

BIG GOAL #1: Chart my journey in world-building through my JewelVerse and adventures with my RPGray Area groups with all of you.

This year, I decided to start an Instagram account to showcase stories and worlds I’ve featured and published either through traditional publishers, or via self-publishing. At the same time, I’ve had amazing friends who returned with feedback on my current novel manuscript, with a common strength listed – world-building.

That being said, I’m now more inspired to share the universe I’ve created with all of you. Through this blog, I hope to introduce all of you to the JewelVerse, and the lore I somehow managed to scribe for these universes. Here’s a glimpse to what I have been and will continue to develop:

  • The JewelVerse – a cross-medium series of stories by contemporaries who find themselves in… unique situations. Would they also lead up to a future dystopia? We’ll see.

[Just a quick update – my novel manuscript (The Saccharine Vote) has been accepted for an Assessment scheme and I’m hoping to at least put out a companion eBook to one of the comics I’ve released last year, so stay tuned!]

  • The RPGray Areas – recounts of my adventures with various role-playing game groups.

  • Research with Arcology and other Alternative Systems – inspiration on how fictional (and non-fictional) futures can look like.

So with these main lines on my creative plate, I hope to open this new universe to all of you and share aspects of my journey to help you share the lore of your own universes.

And since we’re on the subject of creating our own universes… 

BIG GOAL #2: Be consistent and add value to creative lives – especially all of you who have always wanted to create something, but have full lives and day jobs.

I signed up for my Masters in Arts & Cultural Leadership hoping to gain a more theoretical and policy-centric view of the local (and regional) creative scene, as well as insights on principles of practice on areas in the Arts, outside of the literary arts and publishing.

During this time, I’ve also been listening to Mariah Coz, Megan Minns, and Adrienne Dorison – online entrepreneurs and productivity gurus with practical tips to improve productivity and pretty much… get things done. So this got me thinking – I do like Arts Management because it bridges the creative and the practical, so how else can I be focussed and consistent in order to help storytellers who want to create on top of their already-full lives?


  • Concentrating on pillar, niche posts on this blog and the engagement (social media, newsletters, Wattpad) that come with it.

  • Participate actively in school.

  • Contributing more to the Rolling Ronins – operationally, creatively, productively – so do stay tuned for events or launches not just by myself, but also my other amazingly creative friends.

  • Have a streamlined, regular schedule that will incorporate all major aspects of my life.

  • Indulge my minimalist self a lot more – chisel all the unnecessities and concentrate on intentional activities and ownership.

BIG GOAL #3: Take better care of myself with better habits and streamlined systems so that I (hopefully) can have time for most things.

And with every major shift in career, school, or life in general, comes another rule – you cannot take care of business if you cannot take care of yourself.

I have something to confess / admit – I often feel guilty when I’m not working, even if I’ve done a good day’s work. I’m sure some of you have this hanging feeling of guilt as well.

So while I do hope to help some of you ease into scribing your own universes, even with a full-time job, there are a few aspects I need to take care on a personal level as well:

  • Get a better level of fitness – Maintaining my regular Zumba class attendance and balance them out with calmer activities, like Yoga and Kyudo.

  • Minimalising my physical space and belongings – again, intentional ownership.

  • Read 12 novels / books at least by the end of this year (am now at 6, so halfway through!).

  • Be financially healthy and have a plan before we get smashed with housing debt. LOL.

  • Finding my style – I don’t know how I’m going to do this, but I’m going to give it a try.

And that’s what I have so far! Thank you all once again for your support, I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with all of you.

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